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  • Are you the parent of a child in Toulouse who is in full-time English-speaking education?
  • Would you like them to gain confidence and improve their level in French?


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If so, then we would love to welcome you to our French classes!


Our school term classes are taught by Magali Banquet, and our Holiday Intensives are taught by Louise Poulin (biog to come)

  • School term classes are offered on Wednesday afternoons during school term from 15h30 - 17h30.

We are in a position to offer either a class for 8-10 year olds OR for 11- 13 year olds. At the moment I only have one teacher and one available timeslot, so will run the class for which there is most interest. Please contact us to let us know the age of your child, and ask any questions you may have.

  • Holiday Intensives take place over one week at the end of August, during Toussaint and at Easter.


CLASS A from 9h30 - 13h each day

CLASS B from 14h30 - 18h each day

We want to help your child go up a level after a week with us. Before the course starts each child will be asked to complete a little evaluation which covers the four skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking). That way we can see where they need to improve. Louise will then heavily differentiate the class depending on the childrens' needs, so that they work on the specific areas they need to progress in over the week. Depending on the interest we get, we will split the children into either Class A and Class B so that they are close in age. When you contact us, please let us know which timeslot would suit you best.

The cost for the week is €350 (inc TVA) per child.

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