"I haven't looked back since deciding to give my son the opportunity to experience the wonderfully positive 'Jack in the Box' educational system.


Whatever  I feel he may be missing in his French school in terms of creativity and self-expression, he has a safe and encouraging environment 

(enhanced by high teaching standards) to express his ideas, through drama and freedom of expression in a relaxed but focused way. 


 My son learns to read and write in his first language with ease and has his thoughts and ideas positively acknowledged - an absolute must for enhancing his self-esteem. Two big benefits for the price of one ...well done Jack!"

- Sarah, mum to Tobias (7)

"The boys were on a real high when I picked them up and I’m amazed to say, when I suggested they saved a bit of homework for another day, there was mutiny in the camp!... And three weeks in I am still amazingly finding myself saying to my two: "Stop doing your homework!""

- Abi, mum to William (7), Eddie (4)

"I love writing at Jack in the Box!"


"Me too - it's fun!"

- Louis (8), Eddie (4)

"Thank you so much for setting up and running JitB. After my daughter's first year she is finally speaking some English with me at home!"

"The teachers are lovely and really know how to encourage and develop each individual child."

Where else will your kids be excited about Shakespeare and beg to buy more of his plays?! Amazing classes and community.

- Jen, mum to Liam (14) & Kalian (13)

Mylo's English teacher at school stopped me this evening to say how beautifully Mylo reads. She said he's far from the first English child she's taught in the French system but that his "capacity for bringing a text to life is quite astonishing" (her words not mine). Once I'd finished glowing with pride I told her about Jack in the Box. Thank you, it obviously means a lot to me, but even more to Mylo!

- Kate, mum to Mylo (7)

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