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"I haven't looked back since deciding to give my son the opportunity to experience the wonderfully positive 'Jack in the Box' educational system.


Whatever  I feel he may be missing in his French school in terms of creativity and self-expression, he has a safe and encouraging environment 

(enhanced by high teaching standards) to express his ideas, through drama and freedom of expression in a relaxed but focused way. 


 My son learns to read and write in his first language with ease and has his thoughts and ideas positively acknowledged - an absolute must for enhancing his self-esteem. Two big benefits for the price of one ...well done Jack!"

- Sarah, mum to Tobias (7)

"The boys were on a real high when I picked them up and I’m amazed to say, when I suggested they saved a bit of homework for another day, there was mutiny in the camp!... And three weeks in I am still amazingly finding myself saying to my two: "Stop doing your homework!""

- Abi, mum to William (7), Eddie (4)

Mylo's English teacher at school stopped me this evening to say how beautifully Mylo reads. She said he's far from the first English child she's taught in the French system but that his "capacity for bringing a text to life is quite astonishing" (her words not mine).

Once I'd finished glowing with pride I told her about Jack in the Box.

Thank you, it obviously means a lot to me, but even more to Mylo!

- Kate, mum to Mylo (7)

"I would like to thank you for the five years Davin spent at JitB. Davin had a really great time with excellent teachers. He really improved his English, in particular his writing skills, and remains very motivated for further improvement."

- Doh-Shin, dad to Davin (16)

"Chloe will be thrilled to come back again next year!"

- Kate, mum to Chloe (4)

 James enjoys the online classes with Tracy very much, he’s always full of beans after the class and tells us all about what he’s been doing. He’d had a lull in reading enthusiasm, but has finished 'Holes', and I think the analysis of it is helping him get more from reading generally, which is really positive!

- Kate, mum to James (14)

"I love writing at Jack in the Box!"


"Me too - it's fun!"

- Louis (8), Eddie (4)

"The teachers are lovely and really know how to encourage and develop each individual child."

- Nicola, mum to Chloe (4)

"Where else will your kids be excited about Shakespeare and beg to buy more of his plays?! Amazing classes and community."

- Jen, mum to Liam (14) & Kalian (13)

"Clémence joined JITB Toulouse at its outset in 2012 when she was 10, two years after our arrival in France, and we've never looked back!


Last year, she passed the IGCSE English Language and English Literature exams with grade 'A's in both, and these achievements are now featuring in her UCAS application to British universities.


Although she was always an avid reader, we would never have been able to help her progress with her written language skills in line with her peers in the British system without the classes at Jack in the Box Toulouse.


Apart from really enjoying the challenge and fun of the lessons, she also appreciated being connected with other children like her, which helped her to feel less isolated.


Mark's structured exam preparation programme and his unfailing support and belief - in all his pupils - supported her through the final straight, and ultimately helped her to approach the exams with confidence.


A big thank you to all the wonderful, motivating JITB teachers we have encountered over the years, and especially to Emma, without whose determination Clémence wouldn't have had the chance to blossom in her mother tongue!"

- Rosemary, mum to Clémence, 2020

 I definitely believe JitB offer the best English classes in Toulouse. I have been so happy with everything - the curriculum and the teachers .... Sixtine had so much fun working with Emily on WW1 and doing drama. They learnt so much - poetry, history, literature ... Aymeric took group classes elsewhere because KS3 wasn't running last year, but they were nothing compared to the level at JitB .... and Alix has really enjoyed all her classes. It's definitely thanks to JitB that she could keep up her English after our return to France from the US.

- Axelle, mum to Sixtine (16), Aymeric (12) and Alix (6)

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