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Our primary school classes MAY be running in 2023/24 (a decision will be made in July)

for English-speaking children in EU countries

  • Are you the parent of an English-speaking child in a non-English language school system??


  • Do you want them to learn to read and write in English alongside other English-speaking children?


  • Do you want them to experience learning English as it is taught in UK schools?




If so, then we would love to welcome you to our online primary section!


When Covid hit in 2020 we found ourselves having to move our classes online with no notice, and as a result became Zoom experts very quickly! At first we thought it would be impossible and it certainly proved a challenge for my teachers, but they made it work brilliantly. We split the two hour class into two slots each week (as everyone goes stir crazy on Zoom after two hours no matter how old they are!) and found that the children were able to concentrate for that length of time. A lot of creativity, trial and error and determination made them a success. So much so that I've decided to offer them to children who are too far from our school in Toulouse to attend in person.

Classes are taught by Zoe Ashcroft, Crystal Menninga, Magali Banquet and Lysiane Dixte on Wednesdays and Saturdays on ZOOM.


  • PRE-SCHOOL: for those children currently too young to start Class A (3.5/4 year olds)

  • CLASS A: for those children who are learning their phonic sounds (5/6 year olds)

  • CLASS Bfor those children who have some phonic knowledge in English (7/8/9 year olds)

  • CLASS Cfor those children ready to tackle different writing styles (10/11 year olds)

Please see our Courses section for detailed information on what the classes contain and the methodology behind them.

"Luca's absolutely loved JitB and is reading away brilliantly in English, which is totally down to you guys. An amazing thing to be part of. You should be very proud."

- Alison, mum to Luca (5)

"Jack in the Box has been such a great experience for my daughter, Emily. It provides her with a creative environment, which she loves, and has allowed her to really develop her reading and writing in English. I have trouble turning off the lights at night now as she always has her head in a new book!"

- Lou, mum to Emily (9)

"Thank you to all of you for all of your hard work making such a wonderful learning experience for our children."

- Jenny, mum to Sophie (4)

"I truly appreciated the school last year. Sophia looked forward to each class and the way you dealt with the confinement was extraordinary. Judith was amazing throughout."

Lilia, mum to Sophia (4)

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